Day of Giving

Catalyst Bible College Day of Giving

The 2023 Catalyst Bible College Day of Giving is happening on December 15, 2023.

This event will take place over 24-hours in hopes of receiving donations. CBC is seeking 1000 donors to give $100 or more to Catalyst Bible College. Our ultimate goal is to raise over $100,000 for Catalyst!

Catalyst Bible College, powered by Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA, officially launched classes in August 2023. Within the past four months, CBC has established itself in the church and community as a missions field for future Educators, Counselors, Pastors and Business Leaders. With your investment, CBC will be able to continue offering numerous opportunities and scholarships, all in an effort to graduate students debt-free! 

Read more about the different initiatives you would be giving towards below!

How to Give

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We are asking that each person, family and business consider donating at least $100 to help us reach our goal of $100,000. Stay up to date with our giving progress by checking out the @catalystbiblecollege page on Instagram.
Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Join in the Effort!

Join Catalyst Bible College in promoting the CBC Day of Giving! Download the Giving Chart and post on your social media. Encourage your friends and followers to pick a number, donate the amount they pick, and post on their personal or business social media accounts!

If you need help writing a caption for a post, check out this example: Join Catalyst Bible College in our 2023 Day of Giving on December 15th! We are raising money for Student Development, Community Engagement AND Student Scholarships. Choose an available number, donate that amount using the link below, and repost on your profile. Let's keep the chain going to reach our goal of $100,000 for CBC!

Your donation is going towards...

Student Scholarships

Catalyst Bible College hopes to graduate every student as close to debt-free as possible. This only happens through generous donations by companies, families and individuals. On average, students will receive $10,000 in stackable scholarships to be applied to their Catalyst school bill. 

Student Development

To continue to keep the cost low for students, we have created an allotment of funds to aid in Student Development. In an effort to promote learning outside of the classroom, Catalyst offers multiple different leadership opportunities, resources, and practicums for students to participate in. 

Community Engagement

We believe that Catalyst Bible College will strengthen the leadership within the Central Valley and beyond! However, we do not want to keep opportunities for engagement to ourselves. That is why Community Engagement funds will be used to assist in lowering the cost of Pinnacle Conference tickets for community leaders and businesses, offering workshops to the community for soft-skill and job preparation, and to be able to invest in community partnerships with various Chamber of Commerce and similar organizations. 

Read About CBC

Click the picture to read the latest news article from ABC 30 about Catalyst Bible College! 

For all media inquires, please contact Eliza Borjon, College Public Relations, Catalyst Bible College.
559.730.9070 EXT 102