Student Life

Site Experience

In addition to each student’s tuition, there is a $2,000, per semester, site-fee. This site-fee covers the costs of occasional guest lecturers, monthly student life activities, a leadership retreat each semester, and an annual foreign missions trip.

Visalia First is committed to produce credentialed, high-functioning ministers for the Assemblies of God with little to no debt. This is why we as a church are offering more than $70,000 worth of scholarships for students to apply for each year.

With national and international partnerships forming, we hope you join us as we help students change the world for Jesus!

Annual Missions Trip

During the summer, we want to provide the opportunity for every student to participate in a highly-discounted ($500) foreign missions trip.

Guest Lecturers

Students will be able to interact, network, and learn from prominent prominent leaders across the country multiple times each semester.

Community Life

Monthly, students will be able to participate in a pre-paid, community-building activity such as bowling, laser tag, a movie, or a “family dinner.”

Leadership Intensive

Once a semester, students will participate in an off-site, Leadership Intensive Retreat with top leaders within our fellowship.